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The clock continues to tick towards Friday as we slowly enter our Conj state of mind. These are some of the most exciting moments in Clojure’s short history, and I think I speak for the entire Clojure community when I say that I am absolutely pumped. This is our opportunity to look each other in the eye, hear each other’s voice, and for some of us, meet the people that we work with in the Clojure community on a daily basis. This is our gathering — our celebration of everything that makes Clojure awesome. Most of us are arriving Thursday, and everybody is doing their own thing. The speakers are getting together, and some people plan to have themselves some Clojury fun before the conference as well. The conference itself starts on Friday. It begins with breakfast and registration, and then a whole day of talks with a couple of breaks. On Friday night after the talks, we’re off to celebrate Clojure’s third birthday at Tir Na Nog, an Irish pub in Raleigh. It’s going to be an exhausting day, and I know I’ll be hitting the bed with force the moment I get back to the hotel, resting up for the next day. Saturday is the second and final day of the conference. This day follows the same pattern as the first, and is filled with talks. At some point, people will have the opportunity to volunteer to give lightning talks. It’ll be interesting to see what people can come up with to talk about for 5 minute intervals. After the talks are over (ended by a 50 minute talk by Stuart Halloway), some of us (me included) are going to the Halloway residence for a Conj after party. This trip means a lot to me. Not just because this trip is full of first times for me: my first time on a plane, out of Alabama, staying in a nice hotel, attending a conference, and being a part of something this historic and important. This trip means everything to me mostly because it was provided to me by the Clojure community itself, and that is something I’ll never forget. I never asked for it, but with the help of Chas Emerick, the awesome guys at Relevance, and the amazing Clojure community, my entire trip and stay has been funded, and the conference admission waived. We actually got a few more donations than we asked for! Everyone was so eager to donate that Chas didn’t have a chance to get the donate button down until we had already surpassed our $1,000 goal. I do not intend to squander the extra cash that I’ll have left over, as there are some things I need (such as a printer and a bed) that this will really help with. Thank you. You are allowing me to live beyond my means, and I don’t take your generosity for granted. It seems as if even Expedia and Delta want me to be happy. Over the weekend, we had a bit of trouble when I realized that the name that I had Chas use when he bought my plane ticket wasn’t actually the right one. I’ve always lived with my mother and her family, so for generally unofficial things, I go by the last name ‘Simpson’. However, legally, I have my father’s last name, which is ‘Grimes’. Chas, Expedia, and Delta sorted this out with a bit of paperwork, a picture of my driver’s license, and no fees. A last minute itinerary change without any fees? What more could one ask for. I’m going to try to blog about my trip while I’m gone, but I probably wont have time. Justin (ninjudd, of cake fame) is going to give a loner laptop while we’re at the Conj. If I find the time, I’ll blog (or at least tweet) every now and again while I’m there. If not, I’ll certainly be spewing information to anybody in earshot when I return. The two months leading up to this have been a whirlwind and a blast. The excitement continues to build, and I can only hope that I do not simply explode the moment my eyes meet Rich Hickey’s hair. I can’t wait to see everybody. I hope you’re all as excited as I am. Go Conj!