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Return (or, Progress Report on Meet Clojure)

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To start off, I’ll point out the obvious: I’ve been all but entirely inactive for around 2 months. My Github page does not lie. Alas, I’ve not written any code. I also haven’t written any of my book in the same amount of time. Well, besides maybe two sections and some various fixes. No serious new content. The fact of the matter is, I’m a teenager. I’m weak. These last two months, I’ve done things with my life that didn’t involve computers, and I enjoyed it. It was a ‘break’ of sorts for me. I have to say I needed it. People who know me can vouch on the amount of time that I was spending on the computer for a good year or two. Well, it’s about time I come back. My buddy Alan has been maintaining my projects while I was inactive. Awesome little San Francisconian fellow. Furthermore, I have a decent shot at getting my book published, so I really need to get back to work on it. I’m coming up with a battle plan that I’ll detail here. First of all, everything I said about the book is still true. It’ll be a totally free introductory text on Clojure even if I do get it published. Getting it published would just be a huge cherry at the tip of the ice-cream cone, because it would mean print versions and a little cash for myself in the process. No Starch seems interested in my book, and we’re currently figuring things out. Second, a lot of the book is written. It is nowhere near done, but I wrote a hefty amount of tome in a very short amount of time. Of course, speed doesn’t come without disadvantages. The book feels rickety to me. I’m not satisfied with how everything is right now, so I definitely have a lot of work do to. The first thing I want to do is read Chris Houser and Mike Fogus’s masterpiece, The Joy of Clojure, from cover to cover. There are a lot of things that I do not understand and that I need to understand in order to complete my book. One gaping hole in my knowledge is about reasonably advanced Java interop and concurrency stuff. These are things that I’ll have to spend time with and let sink in. After I finish The Joy of Clojure, I’m going to read my entire book (what is written) from cover to cover and restructure things, add content where content should be but is missing, and rewrite existing content that isn’t quite right. This is hugely important. After that, I can start adding new content. Furthermore, there are a lot of people that are interested in reviewing my book. Since the book is going to be open source, I am not stingy and any Clojurer who would like to help me out is very welcome to do so. Just email me or send me a message at Github. If you’ve already done this before and got no response, try again. Bug the shit out of me. I don’t mind. I think I’ve missed a few people, so I’m going to start compiling a list of these people so that I can keep track of who I should give material to. In conclusion: I’m back. You’ll be able to find me in #clojure more often again. The book is absolutely still in progress. Slow progress, but progress nonetheless. I haven’t left the Clojure game, I’ve only taken a break. I love you guys, Clojure, and programming in general way to much to disappear forever. Sincerely, Anthony P.S. Before you mention it, no, I’m not so important that I necessarily need a return announcement. But damn it, my ego asked for one, and who am I to deny him what he asks for?