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Moved to Octopress

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I spontaneously decided today that, while sick, I would spend the day setting up Octopress and trying it out. I did. I liked. I replaced wordpress with it. Unfortunately, this comes with a few consequences.

  • I used exitwp to import my Wordpress posts into Octopress. While it did its job importing the posts, it managed to clobber paragraph breaks and all of my code along the way. I’m going to try to fix this as best I can in my most important posts, but I’m not going to do it for all of them.
  • All of the old links are broken. I never used readable links with Wordpress and Octopress (rightfully) uses them by default. Luckily, my blog isn’t very popular so the link breakage will be less significant. I do apologize to anyone linking to my blog though and hope that this doesn’t inconvenience them too much.
  • All of the comments are gone. Comments didn’t move with the Wordpress post, and since the links have changed and I’m using Disqus now, there isn’t a simple way to retrieve them.

I firmly believe that the benefits of switching to Octopress will outweigh the issues, even if the benefits only apply to me. I’m very excited to write my posts in Emacs and markdown and to be getting rid of a useless MySQL instance and several instances of php-cgi.