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Meet Clojure Update

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I haven’t written a status update for Meet Clojure in quite a while, so here it is.

Keith, my editor, emailed me a few weeks ago wanting to work out a new schedule for the book. Several months had passed with little communication between us and I didn’t get very much work done on the book, so this was a welcome surprise. We worked out a schedule: first chapter in 2 weeks and then a new chapter every 3. I finished the first chapter nearly a week before my September 22nd deadline.

This is good news. Chapter 4 is done and is currently undergoing review. It is one of the largest and most important chapters of the book, so it’s actually a pretty large chunk of progress.

We are very excited to have a real solid schedule for the book and I am anxious to get more of the book finished. Schedules are fantastic motivation. That said, our new schedule will certainly not allow for a 2011 release. There is isn’t even speculation as to when it’ll all be ready to ship at this point, so I can’t really provide any information on that. The important thing is that I am actively working on this and that I have real deadlines that it would not be good for me to miss.

As far as my relationship with Libre/OpenOffice goes, it’s still a little strained. I’ve found that most of my hatred for it came while I was converting the existing book from my Pandoc markdown workflow to the No Starch OpenOffice workflow. It was extreme tedium and required a lot of things that OpenOffice isn’t designed for.

It is much, much easier to actually write new content with OpenOffice. No Starch’s template switches styles intuatively and when appropriate all by itself, so I rarely have to do a whole lot of mouse stuff. I do miss Emacs and markup, and I definitely wish OpenOffice didn’t suck at keybindings on OS X, but I’ll survive.

In summary: Work being done. Progress being made. Unicorns being milked for their magic.

Stay tuned.