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Meet Clojure Update

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This just in: progress, son.

Today was a great day for this budding author. I finished my next chapter, chapter 7 (tentative), and sent it to my editor. I’m not having any trouble at all keeping up with my deadlines.

Even better is that, about 20 minutes ago, I decided who I wanted my technical reviewer to be: Chris Granger, an insanely smart fellow and active member of the Clojure community. He is very interested in doing it, but nothing is official yet (I swear to God, all happened 20 minutes ago). I’ll be sure to tweet about it when it is official.

LibreOffice is much easier to face when you don’t have to do shit with it other than actually write the book and send each chapter individually. Of course, I’d still rather write my book in a plain text format, but beggars can’t be choosers and it works.

I’ve mostly been renovating mostly-complete chapters so far before sending them in. The real test will be writing new chapters from scratch, something that I’m going to have to face soon. I’m pretty sure I’ll make it though. I’m highly motivated because I have a fantastic technical reviewer, more communication with my publisher, and amazing friends encouraging me to get this sucker done.

Everything I’ve said before about the book still applies. There will be a free copy released when the book is finished that I am hoping will become an important entry-point for new Clojurians. I hope to do something similar to Learn You A Haskell and have a pretty HTML version of the book.

In summary, 2 chapters have been submitted to my publisher for review. Still targeting every 3 weeks for new chapters. Technical reviewer acquired but not entirely official yet. Morale is high.

Stay tuned.