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Problems With Clojure + Homebrew?

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There is a fix-all solution to any problems you’re having with Clojure + Homebrew.

$ brew uninstall clojure

Followed by

$ brew install cake


$ brew install leiningen

In all seriousness, if you’ve installed Clojure via any package manager and you’re having problems, that’s because it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever to install Clojure through a package manager. The JVM ecosystem just doesn’t work that way. Clojure is essentially a library — it’s stored in a jar.

Instead, you want to install a build tool. Cake or Leiningen are Clojure build tools. They are your ‘interface’ to Clojure. They handle all the project management, classpath management, REPL management, compilation, and everything else that you shouldn’t need to or try to do on your own.

Do not try to ‘install’ Clojure. Install a build tool instead. It’ll prevent 98% of all beginner issues related to classpaths and make it easier for people in the Clojure mailing list and IRC channel to help you with real problems. Furthermore, they make it really easy to manage everything from small scripts to large projects, and can even give you properly classpathed repls as easy as cake repl and lein repl.